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Razor Studio is a game studio with 5 years of experience, but now we have been designing games using blockchain architecture for about 2 years with a brand new concept.

Our headquarters are in Cyprus and we have friends working remotely for us in several countries around the world.

We are here with a new team, a new name and a new logo. We stop being a standard game development company and develop new generation technologies for the future.

We love blockchain technologies and that’s why we developed a Metaverse project.

Regnum is the first Metaverse project to use the Binance Smart Chain network. There are multiple Metaverse projects on the market, but we are quite different from them.

We have non-standard maps and a realistic Metaverse universe away from Low Poly modelling. And many more features!

Thank you to everyone who trusted us and stood by us.

Razor Studio Team

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